Weight control shake

Nutrient Dense Food Supplements for Supercharging a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Humans are born with a tendency to store body fat in amounts that are predetermined by our genetic makeup. Genetics influence where fat is deposited on the body, as well as muscularity; this does not mean, however, that our ultimate body shape and size are completely outside our control. We have the ability to shape our environment by adopting healthy eating behaviors, exercising regularly, and engaging in activities of daily living.

Body weight and composition is determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. While we cannot control our genetic makeup, we can control some of our environmental factors.

One of the greatest challenges to achieving a well-defined muscle tone is entering a catabolic state where your body is breaking down primarily fat, but not muscle. To lose fat but not muscle, you should decrease your total caloric intake while maintaining the intake of high protein.

The Lean Shakes are designed to deliver energy when you need it most and for losing weight without losing muscle.

beauty science wheight control shakes Meal Replacement Shake  per portion Protein Shake per portion
Lean 50% Lean 65%
Lose Weight. Feel Great! Gaining Lean Muscle Mass
Are used for replacing a meal. Are packed with protein in a time release formula.

The main goal is weight loss.


The main goal is to build lean muscle or tone up. Centimeter/volume loss.


A convenient way to cut calories, but still get the essential nutrients


A quick source of protein before or after exercise.


To help block hunger and reduce cravings. You want a nutrient dense low calorie source with a full  amino acids profile.
Serving Size 50 g 30 g
Kcal 201,41 95,70
Protein 25,00 g 19,50 g
Slow Carbs 6,88 g 3,65 g
Fibers 10,33 g 4,65 g
Fats 4,65 g 1,20 g

13 vitamins – 10 minerals

High dose

13 vitamins – 10 minerals (30% RI)
Amino acids

Full spectrum


Full spectrum
Konjac Glucomannan 2 g 1,2 g
Omega 3 750 mg 450 mg
Omega 6 1000 mg 600 mg
Enzymes yes no
Choline 184,25 mg 110,55 mg
Anti-oxidants yes yes
Ayurveda herbs yes yes
Green Tea 750mg 450 mg
Glucosamine 360 mg
MSM 360 mg