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BS Body Science

Peri-exercise nutrition

The products of the BS Body Science range are focused on what has been called “peri-workout nutrition”. That is, nutrition during the hours immediately preceding and following an exercise session, as well as during the session itself.

The different formulations are designed to support „nutrient timing strategy “ to maximize performance and the adaptations resulting from exercise training. Because ingestion of key nutrients before, during, and after various forms of exercise has been shown to favorably impact a number of factors that go on to effect health, performance, and recovery.

The Body Science blends are characterised by the fact that every formula is transparant and every batch is laboratory controlled by a third accredited party. Only verified and allowed substances by EU and FDA are used.

Characteristics of our BS supplements

Top Supplements made by combining top quality plant sourced protein, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to improve strength, power, speed and endurance.
Nutrient Dense Food supplements for Supercharging a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.
The high quality natural ingredients provide a wealth of nutrient density to increase sport specific strength and power.

Carefully chosen ingredients supported by official claims to improve
• endurance (high or low intensity),
• agility training,
• speed over short distances
• and explosiveness.

Synergistic well designed formulation Vegan and Vegetarian Certified to support the bioenergetic requirements of the optimal sports technical-biomotor-physiological training.